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Play basketball

To train and recreate the basketball court, in the garden or at home, only two objects are sufficient: a ball and a basket with a net. In order to aspire to become the next Michael Jordan or Lebron James, even if you have little space, you can opt for the right basketball-themed games.

It is sufficient to dedicate only a small corner to the launch in the basket, encouraging children to play sports and become expert basketball players. Games related to basketball can also be an excellent pastime to set up in the office to challenge their colleagues at the end of the day or while you are on break.

Basketball themed games for children

In the selection of basketball-themed games for children, one can start from the type of ball. There are basketball balls made of dotted rubber, fluorescent colors and easy to inflate with a common air pump or pressure gun. For the type of material they are made of, these basketball balls are preferable for children to play, as they are light and without the risk of causing damage to things or people.

Then there are baskets for domestic use (ideal for children from 3 years) to be attached to the door or on other supports, foldable and convenient to store. For the little ones (from 18 months upwards) electronic mini baskets have been created that count the baskets made and that are enriched with keys and different features such as songs and sounds. This type of game is multifunctional: children not only learn how to play to throw the ball and get to the center, but also to count.

Games to train basketball

For those who want to train in the sport of basketball, it is advisable to equip themselves with the right objects to put on the outside, in a courtyard or garden, or in an enclosed space like garages and gyms. The most comfortable baskets, for those without a wall where to fix them, are those with adjustable support depending on the height of the player, the floor that gives stability and the board where to bounce the ball.

This type of basketball set is also useful in view of the growth in height of children over time. If instead you have a wall where you can attach a basket, you can choose between different types, depending on the size of the circle and the network. There are also products with a wall-mounting kit and even those that replicate the famous American baskets.

Basketball themed games to challenge friends and colleagues

Finally, for those who take basketball more as a pastime or game to launch challenges to friends and colleagues, there are mini baskets including inflatable ball and easy to fix in offices or rooms. Another nice idea, even for an alternative gift, are the office bins on which edge is hooked a small basket with net and backboard where to launch the papers. For each basket created, the sound of the screams of the fans will be activated.

Are you looking for basketball themed games, basketball balls or baskets? View this collection dedicated to basketball games and choose the game that best suits your needs!