Trailer Couplings

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Towbars are devices on the frame of a vehicle, which allow to attach and pull a trailer. Some car models have these already installed as standard, others allow for subsequent assembly. There are various types of couplings, such as drawbars and ball-end couplings. These are available in different sizes, weight classes and designs and allow you to tow trailers to transport loads, motorcycles, horses, boats or even caravans with your car or truck. When selecting the towing hitch for your needs, you must consider several factors, starting with the make, type and year of manufacture of the vehicle. The right type of drawbar or towing device also depends on the trailer load of your car.

You are probably already thinking of a specific purpose for the trailer or you already know that you will use the towbar more often. In any case, you should read before buying in the manual of your vehicle, which load this can pull. Here you can find the maximum vertical load and the permissible trailer weight that you can tow with your car.

Towbars are available in many versions: some are universally applicable, others are only suitable for certain car makes and vehicle types. In some ball end couplings, the drawbar is firmly connected to the head. Others are sold separately. Many drawbars are universally applicable, but most are for different purposes. There are different swiveling drawbar models and rigid fork constructions.

When pulling a trailer, caravan or other vehicle behind your car, safety must be the top priority. Many towbar mounting kits come with electronic connections that allow you to transmit the brake and turn signals to the tail lights of the trailer. So the drivers notice behind you in any weather and also at night when you stop or turn.

If you intend to mount a clutch on your vehicle, pay attention to the authorized trailer load, make and type of your car. View in this collection large selection of trailer hitch that fits your vehicle and meets your requirements.