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Trailer tarpaulins protect the materials you transport. However, they also have to endure a lot. When driving and, unless housed in a garage, even when parking, they are permanently exposed to the weather and weather conditions of nature. It is important to pay attention to the right properties when purchasing and to properly maintain the trailer tarpaulin. After all, you do not want to stand out with a model that looks like a tattered rug.

What do I have to consider when buying trailer tarpaulins?

If you look around for example on the Internet for trailer tarpaulins, then you quickly come across countless models. There is a lot to consider in order to find the right one for your car in the large selection. First of all, of course, size is crucial. Make sure that the trailer tarpaulins are neither too big nor too small, but sit perfectly. Also, the material should be well processed and endure a lot. Eventually they will be exposed to some while driving. Finally, you should make sure that it is really waterproof. Not only the material of the trailer tarpaulins is meant, also the corners and edges of the tarpaulin should have no holes and thus let the water through.

How are trailer tarpaulins properly maintained?

So that the trailer tarpaulins not only last as long as possible, but also look good, it is important to maintain them properly. These should be cleaned at least once a month with water and a detergent that removes oils and fats well. Then you should treat the trailer tarpaulin with a care product, which provides good UV protection. Thus, the tarpaulin is not charged additionally while driving. A paint freshener also gives trailer tarpaulins the right sheen and keeps you looking new.