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For race lovers, finding time to train or keep fit can be complicated, especially if you live in the city.

A valid solution is represented by the purchase of a treadmill. In fact, training with the treadmill allows you to burn calories, perform cardio workouts, tone up and even train at a competitive level. It is for example used in training athletes for marathons and is an essential tool to complete a home gym.

How to choose the treadmill

The standard measures of a treadmill are 40x120 cm and there are two types of tools on the market: electric and mechanical.

Mechanical treadmills are lighter and cheaper than electric treadmills and take up less space.

They have an adjustable slope and are particularly suitable for those who love uphill and fast walking or for those who train for walking and trekking. The fastest ride on this type of gear is more difficult. The lovers of the race will have to move towards a model equipped with an electric motor and therefore able to give a greater thrust in the plains.

Electric treadmills have higher costs and are an item with variable prices depending on the characteristics of the product. They take up space, but there are also resealable models that become a moderately thin panel to store anywhere. Advanced specimens are on the market that, in addition to speed and slope adjustment, allow the implementation of customized training programs. Some are equipped with a palm-shaped handgrip, that is, they measure the frequency of heartbeats through the handle. These high-tech models are equipped with a display and can be connected to wireless and bluetooth devices. In some cases it is possible to set maps and real routes that will be simulated by the treadmill in ascents and descents. Some professional models of treadmills are designed to be placed in outdoor spaces and are constructed of weather-resistant materials.

The treadmill does not require any special maintenance other than being oiled periodically, every 20-30 hours of operation. However, it is advisable to clean the carpet after each use and to prevent any dirt residues from coming into contact with the engine or with the internal mechanical parts. In case of wear, both in electric treadmills and in mechanical treadmills, the carpet can easily be replaced with a new one.

Benefits of the treadmill

With a treadmill at home, rain and bad weather will no longer keep you fit. It is also a valid alternative to the gym during busy times. While you are running on the treadmill you can also listen to music and watch television, having all the comforts of home at your fingertips.

The treadmill, if used daily, can provide significant benefits and can save the use of an arsenal of training equipment. First of all, if combined with a proper diet, it is optimal for burning fat and losing weight. Using special workouts it is also possible to tighten buttocks, calves, abdominals and other muscles of the body. Daily use of this tool has a significant impact on improving physical fitness and increasing lung capacity.

The race on the carpet is in fact an aerobic type activity which also strengthens the cardiovascular system. In addition, the treadmill carpet, unlike the jogging terrain, is smooth and well cushioned, so the ride is less tiring than knees and ankles.

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