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The hubcaps are discs that are placed on the wheels of the vehicle to cover the tires. Its functions are to improve the aerodynamics of the car, thus reducing the consumption of gasoline, protect the tires, to protect them from minor impacts and inclement weather and, above all, they fulfill an important aesthetic function.

How to choose a hubcap for your car?

When choosing and buying hubcaps for your tires you must take into account the following aspects:

• Diameter of the wheel: To make sure that it will fit perfectly. The hubcaps have four sizes, 13, 14, 15 and 16 inches; to find out which one corresponds to your vehicle you will have to look at the tire nomenclature, where it is indicated with the letter R followed by the number in the following way: "R13" "R14", "R15" and "R16".

• Materials: You can choose between hard and resistant hubcaps, made of ABS, and flexible and cheaper, made of polypropylene. Also, check the quality of the finish to make sure that neither the rain nor the sun will deteriorate your paint.

• Design: The hubcaps fulfill an important aesthetic function. You can opt for a more discreet, so that they do not stand out in the set of your car, or choose a flashy to endow your vehicle with a recognizable personal touch.

• Adaptability: Make sure that the hubcaps, once assembled, will not protrude much from the structure of the wheel, to avoid unexpected blows with elements that could damage them.

• Fastening: Check that the method of fastening the rim is simple and safe, so that it is easy to install and does not move while the vehicle is traveling.