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We spend a lot of hours in the living room: it is our small home shelter where, at last, we can forget about the day-to-day worries. There is nothing more pleasant than being able to stretch your legs after a long day of work, enjoying a good movie or our favorite TV series. And, to ensure that our comfort will be the maximum, choosing a suitable television table is essential: a model in harmony with the rest of the room or an adequate height to watch television without discomfort, are determining factors.

Which TV table to choose?

If you are thinking of buying a TV table, you should take into account several relevant aspects that will be very useful to not fail in your choice:

• Charge: although televisions are becoming lighter, you should bear in mind that they will be accompanied by accessories such as DVD players, the DTT tuner or any type of video game console. Therefore it is recommended that you check the maximum weight that the TV table you are interested in can support.

• Size: check the dimensions of the furniture you are going to buy and compare them with the space you have at home. In this way you will avoid getting too large a table, that does not fit in the space available, or too small, that offers a feeling of emptiness.

• Materials: if you want a piece of furniture that lasts for many years, make sure it is made of good materials and that it has a high quality finish.

• Structure: solid, so that it can firmly hold all the elements that you are going to place on top, and that it adapts to the space you have.

• Design: it is an aspect that you should not neglect if you do not want your new piece of furniture out of tune with the general appearance of the room. Maintaining the harmony of a room depends on each and every one of the elements that make it up.

• Versatility: you can opt for a piece of furniture for the integral TV if you have a large space in your living room. These usually include drawers for storage, holes dedicated to television accessories and bookshelves.

• Wheels: some of the models of auxiliary tables for television, which are smaller and basic, include wheels so you can move them easily.

Which is the most suitable TV table for your living room?

When choosing the TV cabinet for your living room you should think about the role you want it to have, in the set of furniture and the space that you have. There are complete furniture in which the TV is one more element among crockery displays, shelves for books and several drawers. This is a good option if you are going to set up the room for the first time or want to redecorate it.

At the opposite end you will find small tables with two or three shelves, enough to place the television in the upper one and reserve the rest for accessories. This is a good choice if you want to purchase exclusively a TV cabinet, without changing the others that make up your room, or you have little space. In this case, you will have to pay special attention to the design of the rest of the furniture, so that your new acquisition does not clash.

An intermediate option is elongated television tables, which have two or three lower drawers, with enough space on the surface for the television and its accessories. For this alternative you will need more space than for the previous one, but without converting the furniture, as a whole, into the main piece of the room.