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A wall mount is a wall mount that attaches to a variety of objects, in this case a TV. Today there are several types, to meet all the needs of consumers: ultra thin TV stands, universal, reclining, swivel, steerable ... We can fix his small screen in a corner or hang a large flat screen on the wall like a painting. In recent years and with the growth of ultra thin television screens, manufacturers are striving to develop ever finer bindings to bring a harmonious dimension to the whole and avoid the discrepancy between the aesthetics of the device and the thickness of the wall bracket.

How to choose your TV wall mount?

In order to be certain that the wall-mounted hanger is perfectly adapted to the television that you want to place on it, it is essential to make sure of the following points. The fixation must in particular correspond to the same standard as the television for which it is intended. Generally, television manufacturers indicate this important detail in the product manual, and it can also be written on the back of the TV.

➢ First of all, it is important to take into account the weight of your TV before choosing the support on which it will be placed. Indeed, even if the screens are increasingly thin and therefore light, we quickly exceed twenty pounds. Same with regard to the wall on which the support will be fixed: ideally, it must be solid and compact in order to support the weight of the device. Otherwise, it is possible to place a reinforcement on the wall and then install the attachment to avoid any risk of tearing.

➢ Today, the TV wall bracket corresponds to the VESA standard, which has become the international standard in this field. It now comes in several versions, defined according to the spacing between the holes at the back of the TV (VESA 75, 100, 200). By choosing a fixture compatible with its TV screen, we make sure to place his device exactly as desired.

➢ Finally, it is advisable to take into account the size of your TV, to avoid that the grip extends beyond it in width or height, which would certainly have no consequence as to the holding of the support in itself. same, but would prove highly unsightly.

What are the different settings available?

Fixture manufacturers now offer settings that allow for simplified installation. It is therefore very easy to adjust the horizontal layout of its screen by choosing to place it more or less high. If you want to increase your screen height, you will have to choose an adjustable tilt wall bracket to move the screen down. Another type of TV fixture also exists, the one with lateral adjustment. However, it is usually reserved for really light screens because, with the leverage applied to the articulated arm of the pivoting attachment, there is an increased risk of tearing and unhooking of the television. So keep in mind that to place a heavy screen on this type of support, it will be necessary to put the price and choose a robust wall, which will support the weight of the installation.