Tyre Care

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Car tires remain on the rims for several years. The lifetime depends on various criteria. This of course includes the driving style, but also the material of the tires and the weather to which they are exposed play a role. If you park your vehicle permanently on the road, strong sunlight and extreme cold can shorten the life of your tires. The weather influences deprive the rubber moisture. The lettering on the tire fades over time. Use products such as tire paints, tire cleaners and a tire pin if you want your tires to look like new even after a long time.

What effect does a good tire care have?

A good tire care consists of a combination of products that are tailored to the composition of the rubber of the car tires. In the first step, use a tire care that can remove residues of rubber from the tires. In the second step you treat the tire with a high-quality tire gloss agent. This moisturizes the rubber and boosts the black level so that even older tires get a nice look. Use a tire pin to highlight the tire name.

How to choose the right tire care products?

- Can the care products be used on all car tires? Yes. All tires are made of a special rubber compound. This is optimally treated with the various tire care products.

- Is it possible to use the care products on several vehicles? Yes. The content of the products is sufficient for more than four tires.