Umbrella Stands

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An umbrella stand is an element that fulfills a practical function but also aesthetic, since it is usually the first thing you see when entering a house, office or shop. For that reason, it's worth it to pause a bit to think before choosing the type, or style, of the most suitable umbrella stand for that space you have in mind.

Despite being a very traditional object, we can find modern umbrella stands whose style fits better with the predominant decoration in most homes today.

But, before focusing on the aesthetic part, you will have to take into account the size it can occupy and the capacity you will need. And, as a recommendation, keep in mind that the umbrella stand has a tank or inner plate to collect the water and that it does not wet the floor of your house.

What umbrella stand to choose?

The choice of an umbrella stand is a very personal matter that depends on the taste of each one, but, undoubtedly, the first decision you will have to make is the type of material that will be made, which is closely linked to the style, for example : plastic, metal, wood, or grid.

As for the design, you have all kinds of possibilities: smooth or printed, with neutral or vivid colors, with or without messages, classic or modern, with relief, and even illustrations. Also, its shape can also vary: tube, rectangular, with or without walls, or folding, among others.

The modern umbrella stands have become authentic ornamental elements capable of completely changing the appearance of a room: these can be completely camouflaged by the decoration of the place, even passing through modernist sculptures.