Upholstered Beds

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A comfortable bed is the most important basis for a restful sleep. Thus, the choice of bed has a great influence on the night's sleep and thus on the day after. In addition to the popular models of frame, slatted frame and mattress, the upholstered beds are also very popular with young and old. In contrast to the individually arranged bed, the comfortable upholstered bed consists of a headboard and a body, both of which are permanently installed and covered with a fabric, leather or even a modern skin-friendly synthetic fiber. The boxspring bed is built on the same principle. But in contrast to the upholstered bed, the model known from the USA offers a different level of lying comfort due to the special combination of different mattress and topping layers, so that everyone can find the perfect bed for themselves.

Harmonious style in the bedroom and guest room

Since the upholstered bed and the box spring bed have a uniform structure, these models always offer a visually appealing look in the bedroom. Headboard, bedstead and footboard, bedside table and shelves are designed uniformly and some completely in one and the same fabric. These fabrics can be removed on many models for washing. But even with vacuum cleaners and hygiene sprays these beds remain hygienically clean year after year, so that even allergy sufferers find a restful sleep in their box spring bed. Bedspreads and throw pillows are offered as accessories for the softly padded beds, so that bedrooms and guest rooms are always a nice sight during the day. The covers and bedspreads can be made of high quality organic cotton, soft cowhide, cool linen and fine silk. There is the right model for every taste.

The interior of the upholstery

Not only the appearance, but also the inner structure of a cushioned bed convince all discerning sleepers. The upholstery material must be of high quality, so that the quality of sleep remains constant for many years. Spring mattresses, foam mattresses, latex mattresses and also biomatratzen from horsehair and lambskin can be found in a modern upholstered bed. The construction of the bed starts with a stable base so that the bed can react flexibly to every body weight. This base consists of spring core or hard foam, wooden slats, steel shaft springs and elastic straps, so that the box spring bed is usually built inside like a simple custom-made bed: slats, mattress and pads. But the different combinations of different mattresses and toppers on top of each other allows a harder or softer edition as desired.

Blankets, pillows, duvet - the bed box

So that the upholstered bed always looks dapper during the day, pillows, blankets and all other utensils such as grain pillows, leg wedges and bolsters are stowed in the bed's bedding during the day. On the other hand, box spring beds often have no bed frame. Here, the bed covers complement the style of the bed. In addition, people who sleep on boxspring beds, due to the many warming pads rather thin duvets, which can be visually appealing under the coverlet during the day. The upholstered beds, on the other hand, often have a storage box, which can also be used as storage space for many other things. Many people change their blankets in summer and winter, as they have both a duvet and a summer bed.

Modern curved beds with feet

Usually, classic beds are always angular. Innovative designers can give the bedroom a new look, with curved shapes reminiscent of small spaceships. The soft shapes of these beds invite you to sleep and read, to dream and watch TV, not only at night. Many upholstered beds in trendy design are also available without a bed box with feet. Thus, the bed seems to float freely above the ground, a new homelike space arises in the room. But a box spring bed always closes with the floor level. Here you will find for yourself and your dear guests the best beds for fantastic nights from the futon bed to the classic upholstered bed to the King Size box spring bed.