Valve Caps

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Valve caps are mounted on the tire valves. They protect the sensitive valves from dust and moisture. You can exchange the original caps for colored models and give your vehicle an individual look.

Which threads have valve caps?

The threads of the valve caps, which are mounted on car tires, are subject to a standard. This is designated by the abbreviation VG8. This standard states that the outside diameter of the thread must be between 7.620 and 7.747 mm. All valve caps that you can buy for car tires are subject to this identical standard. As a result, they are universally suitable for all vehicles. This is also the reason why in the technical specifications for the valve caps you can not find any indication of which vehicles they are suitable for. You can mount the caps on any car.

How to choose suitable valve caps?

- What do the letters on some valve caps mean? You get to buy caps on which the letter combinations VL, HL, VR and HR are printed. These products are designed for summer and winter tires, which are changed at regular intervals. You can distinguish with which position the tire was mounted. The abbreviations stand for "front left", "front right", "rear left" and "rear right".

- Can the caps be easily replaced? Yes. You do not need an operating license for the valve caps and get no problems with a traffic control. You can choose the color and shape as you like and change your vehicle visually.