Venetian Blinds

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Venetian blinds, more commonly known as Venetian, derive their name from the place in which they were invented in the 17th century: Venice. The "Serenissima" is therefore not only the place of production of the first windows by the skilled glass masters of Murano, but also of the Venetian blinds, a practical and elegant alternative to the common curtains in fabric and blinds.

To shield the windows of houses and offices from direct sunlight or simply obscure the bedroom in the early morning, all we need to do is install a Venetian blind, consisting of slats of various widths and thickness, made mobile by wires and rods that are activated in manual or motorized mode.

How to choose Venetian blinds

When choosing the most suitable Venetian blind for your windows, French windows or entrances, you need to consider several factors:

• Material: aluminum (in its painted or alloy version) and PVC, have similar characteristics. They are light, functional and economic materials, which can be cleaned with a dry cloth or a damp sponge without the use of any type of detergent. Solid wood, on the other hand, is more expensive, delicate and heavy, given the higher thickness of the slats that on average measure 6 mm.

• Intended use: depending on the location chosen for the installation, there are two main categories: indoor Venetian blinds and outdoor Venetian blinds. Although any material is suitable for both uses, before mounting an outdoor Venetian blind it is necessary to evaluate its weather resistance.

• Personal taste: an ethnic or antique style home will require wood or bamboo blinds, while aluminum will be suitable for modern or minimal style apartments. Plastic, in its various shades, is a versatile material, ideal for decorating children's bedrooms, balconies or terraces.