Vertical Steamers

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One of the most controversial household chores is ironing, not everyone enjoys doing this work. However, there are tools that facilitate ironing and offer great results with minimum time and almost effortless.

As the name suggests, the vertical iron allows you to leave your clothes impeccable without the need for an ironing board. The operation is very simple, you put the clothes you want to iron on a hanger or on the hanger of the iron and you just have to pass the iron to eliminate wrinkles.

Advantages of the vertical plate

Next, the main benefits of buying a vertical iron:

• Comfort: This type of ironing is much more comfortable than the traditional iron, since it is not necessary to assemble an ironing board. It is also ideal for ironing garments with rhinestones and embroidery without being damaged by excess heat.

• Savings: It is perfect for delicate items, so you will save time and money since you will not need to go through the dry cleaner.

• Functionality: In addition to ironing any item of clothing effortlessly, the vertical plate is also very useful for removing wrinkles from curtains, quilts or bedspreads. Ideal to take you on a trip, there are smaller models on the market that allow you to review the clothes that have been crumpled in the suitcase.

Tips when buying a vertical iron

There are several features that you should take into account when buying a vertical plate. First, look at the power of the iron. Also, the capacity of the water tank is also important, the bigger the deposit of the iron, the longer you can iron without having to fill it. And finally, consider the size and weight of the iron according to your storage needs.