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Decorative, beautifully decorated gardens have been fashionable for decades and testify to style and taste. In addition to the balcony flowers and the classic flowerbed is of course the so-called climbing plants in all sizes and variants a perennial. The cute element beautifies the garden immensely and makes idyllic garden fences and cold concrete walls look and transforms them into a green oasis. You do not need a large estate to find room for climbing plants. Even a few square meters of garden are enough to beautify your apartment, your balcony or garden. But before you start planting, there are a few things to keep in mind.

We can reassure you, you have to be a gardener and you have not studied botany to beautify your garden with the right plants. With simple tricks, everyone becomes a professional in no time.

What kind of climbing plants are there?

In principle, the climbing plants are divided according to their so-called growth strategies. Thus, you should consider before the purchase, where you want to attach the plant and how the direction of growth should be. Basically, creepers, hanging plants, rankers and self-climbers and spreading climmers are distinguished from each other. One should therefore decide which plants can be considered for their own space situation. For example, self-cushions require solid walls or walls where you can clamp yourself with your hard roots. Very common representatives of this species are the ivy, or the wild wine. At the beginning they are supported by guide cords. The Rankers, on the other hand, need climbing aids in the form of iron grids. Snappers also grow vertically upwards to stop with circular looping movements. Suitable here are vertically mounted rods or ropes, which supports the plant in their climbing gear. While most climbing plants grow in height, the Spreitzklimmer unfold in the horizontal. By horizontally tensioned ropes or grids they can unfold perfectly. The most popular species is undoubtedly the climbing rose, which enchants with its beautiful colorful flowers and turns every terrace, garden or arbor into a real eye-catcher. However, you should consider before buying that the pretty green oases also grow quickly in width and thus take up a lot of space.

What else do you need to consider before buying your climbing plants?

Of course, you should ask next to the desired growth direction, where and what they want to use the climbing plant. If, for example, it serves as a permanent outdoor screen for outdoor use, we recommend the use of permanently flowering climbers such as ivy, wild wine or blue rain. While annual climbing plants only reduce our garden for one season, durable plants are the ideal embellishment for fence elements for many years. However, these should also be regularly trimmed and maintained. You should also ask yourself if you need hardy plants. Especially when used outdoors, you should opt for this type of plant. These are subdivided into evergreen and flowering climbers. As the name implies, evergreen plants bloom year-round, while flowering elements lose their leaves in the fall. If you use the plants as a supportive screen, you should opt for evergreen plants.

In general, there is a wide range of applications for climbing plants, from facade protection to the visual embellishment of cold walls, there is the right plant for every need. Thus, the green all-rounders provide protection from the sun, protection against mechanical influences, privacy and protection for insects and birds. If you have chosen a location, you should consider the following factors:

• What is the lighting situation at the desired location? Choose plants with the right lighting needs.

• Which size is best?

• Which growth strategy is ideal for the chosen location?

• Which care does the plant require? Many climbing plants are very easy to care for and do not need to be specially fertilized or regularly watered.

With the consideration of simple tips, nothing stands in the way of the successful purchase, the climbing plant suitable for your requirement. The best part is that you can conveniently order the plants in the online shop and save yourself the tedious way to the garden center.