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Prepare crispy and golden homemade waffles, quickly and easily, with an electric waffle maker. You like round, square or heart-shaped, with blueberries, cinnamon or classics, there is a large selection of waffles that allow you to prepare this delicacy of Belgian origin as you prefer it.

How to cook waffles in an electric waffle maker?

An electric waffle maker is a machine specially designed to cook waffles. Like the toaster, it consists of two metal plates that heat up quickly. These bases have the shape of a grid, being able to mold the masses with the design so characteristic of this food.

Cook your waffle in a few steps: First, you have to prepare the mix following your favorite recipe. Subsequently, place the mixture between the two plates and let it cook for as long as it indicates the instructions of your waffle maker.

What waffle maker to buy?

Due to the great offer of these appliances in the market, we have to consider several factors to acquire the right waffle maker:

• Size: this aspect varies depending on the size of your kitchen and the amount of waffles you want to prepare.

• Cooking surface: to prevent the waffles from sticking to the surface, opt for plates coated with non-stick material.

• Thickness: Do you prefer thick or thin waffles? Find one with the depth of the grid that satisfies your preferences.

• Form: the diversity of waffles in the market allows you to choose the shapes of the waffles, both round or square for adults, as well as with fun shapes for children.

• Indicator lights: look for a waffle maker with at least two lights; one to indicate that the plates are hot and ready to put the mixture, and another to warn you when the waffle is ready.

• Adjustable temperature: if you like more or less golden, with this option you can adjust the temperature easily.

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