Wall Air Conditioners

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Wall-mounted air conditioners are increasingly common appliances for combating summer heat or the first cold of winter. Compared to the various types of fans, they have the advantage of not simply cooling a room, but of being able to have it at a certain temperature which is then kept constant.

Technological developments have led to the creation of different types of conditioners, which differ in function, consumption and general structure. However, in addition to being controllable with a remote control, they are often programmable with a timer.

How to choose the wall conditioner

Usually a wall-mounted air conditioner is divided into two parts: one to be kept on the inner wall of the house and which includes the control panel and the fan and one instead to be mounted outside the house and which contains the motor.

However, this solution is not always possible: for aesthetic reasons in some apartment buildings, especially in the historic city center, the installation of these bipartite models is prohibited. In that case alternative monobloc models, invisible from the outside, are advisable.

In terms of functions, however, a distinction can be made between cooling models and heat pump models. The former are only able to lower the temperature, while the latter are able to operate in both directions, ie both to cool and to heat. The installation of the latter is advisable in homes not equipped with the normal heating system or to combat the first cold or the tail of winter.

Another key point is energy consumption. Here the distinction is between the on / off and the inverter models. The on / off models immediately send the motor to maximum to reach the desired temperature, while the inverters have the property of progressively dosing the power supplied to the motor, to optimize consumption.

For those who live in very humid areas, then, there are models equipped with dehumidifiers, while for those with allergies or for those who make prolonged use of the air conditioner there are models with a self-cleaning fan.