Wall Coat Racks

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The time to return home is more comfortable if a nice wall hanger is waiting for you at the entrance where you can deposit jackets, scarves and hats. Even the environment is more pleasant when it is free from garments abandoned here and there in disorder. Much more than a simple functional accessory, the wall coat hanger is a furnishing accessory that integrates with the style of the home and enriches it.

Are wall hangers more practical than column hangers?

Compared to the column ones, the wall-mounted coat hangers are almost unobstructed in depth and, thanks to the wall fixing, they are very stable and are not in danger of getting in the way: they are therefore advisable in case of reduced spaces. Being available both as single hangers, in the more ductile and basic version, and multiple on a single support, they can cover various sizes and adapt to different needs. Not only practical: they can be real design objects, useful as well as in entry in other environments, such as bedroom and bathroom.

How to choose a wall hanger?

- Detects the length of the portion of wall available

- Choose material and finish according to the style of the room's furnishings: for example, plastic or steel on modern, wood and metal on classic, iron and ceramic inserts on country

- If the dimensions of the useful space allow it even in depth, you can opt for a complete composition of mirror, shelf or other accessories.