Wallpaper Borders

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Wallpaper borders allow you to quickly and easily change the look of a room. So you can spice up a nursery with borders in bright colors, with cartoon characters or with cute animals. For the bedroom, the kitchen or the living room stripes, flowers or other unusual designs are available to complement your interior design. When buying, also think about the appropriate tools and glue for quick attachment.

Borders for wallpapers are an easy and cheap alternative to paint. They ensure consistent and high quality results. With these you can upgrade a single-color room or expand the existing facility in your entire house with a new element.

Most borders are fixed with wallpaper paste - so just paste the paste, align the paper tape and press. You can put it under the ceiling, on the floor or anywhere on the wall where you want it. If you want to change the look of your room again, simply pull the border off the wall and remove the paste with a detergent. Self-adhesive borders are even easier to handle: simply dip into water, press against the wall and smooth out. Whichever option you choose, think of a set of tools, such as brushes, trowels, and utility knives, that make it easy to attach.

The designs, colors and patterns of borders are limitless. When you set up a nursery, look for patterns that are colorful and funny, such as farm animals, Disney characters, or teddy bears. Create flair in the kitchen with borders of fruit, wine or coffee beans. If you want to escape work, you can decorate your office with designs from Africa, Asia or other fantastic places. The bathroom also offers a choice from simple to elegant. Whatever vision they have, there is a border that makes them a reality.