Warning Triangles

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Road safety is one of the main aspects of your daily trips, regardless of the vehicle you are driving or on board as passengers. If the public or private bodies that manage roads and accesses are required to take care of vertical and horizontal signs, the driver of the vehicle is entrusted with the precautions when driving and equipping the vehicle with all the tools and accessories that guarantee its functionality and safety, especially in times of emergency.

The triangle is certainly one of the essential emergency accessories for cars and other types of vehicles. This tool helps to report an emergency situation to other road users and prevents the risk of further accidents after the failure of one or more vehicles.

Why choose a warning triangle for cars

Created in reflective and reflective material, the car triangle can be purchased individually as a spare part or in the context of an emergency kit. The latter generally includes gloves for positioning the triangle, a phosphorescent colored jacket with reflective strips to be clearly visible both at night and during the day, the foldable and positionable triangle on the ground with a pedestal and a bag to store everything in the trunk , rear seat or dashboard of the car.

It is important to make sure that the production materials and the size of the triangle can make it visible in the context of a forced stop or a more serious situation.

From the correct use of the triangle and the vest depends on one's own safety and that of one's neighbor, it follows that transporting a triangle in one's car is not only an obligation regulated by the law but a gesture of civilization and common sense.