Water Pistols

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When the good weather arrives, the times we spend in the open air multiply and the children are the ones who most enjoy the advantages of spending more hours abroad. There is a wide variety of games and toys so that these outdoor moments are the most fun and entertaining for children. Among them, some of the most famous and immune to the passage of time are water pistols.

What is a water gun?

Water guns are toys designed in the form of a weapon that simulate the firing of projectiles with harmless water. They are ideal for the hottest days of the year, as they allow children to simulate battles in which, the wettest one ends, loses. But do you end up soaked with water when you feel like it the most? Be that as it may, with a water pistol, fun is guaranteed for both children and non-children alike.

How does a water gun work?

There are several types of water gun, although the vast majority of them follow the same operating system. Water guns are generally formed by four fundamental parts: water tank, compression chamber, trigger and orifice.

• When we release the trigger, a part of the water inside the tank passes to the compression chamber, at the same time that outside air enters through the hole.

• When the trigger is pulled, the compression chamber opens, pumping the compressed air and expelling the water through the hole.

In some water guns we can find a pressure regulator, which controls the amount of air that enters the chamber. In this way, we can decide if we want the water to be released with more or less pressure.