Wind Chimes

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A light breeze, and melodious clangs rise. The sounds produced by the chimes create a real well-being. What to start or end a day. It is a real pleasure that will enchant your ears and those of your loved ones. Japanese, Chinese or other chimes come in multiple versions to suit all your desires. In addition, they are aesthetic. It would be a shame to deprive oneself of it.

Where can a chime be installed?

The favorable places are numerous. Your chime will be convenient near the gate as it will serve as a bell. If you have an awning on the terrace, it should be suspended on the cross beam. In the garden, a simple tree branch may suffice, unless you prefer to place it under a gazebo or on the veranda. Only stay in a hammock to enjoy moments of peace.

How to choose a decorative chime?

- Pay attention to its dimensions because this type of object can measure from a few centimeters only to several tens of centimeters.

- Remember that the more tubes and bells, the stronger the sound.

- Control the musicality that varies for each model.

- Keep in mind that wooden or bamboo versions emit softer tingles.

- Check that the suspension system is likely to withstand the wind.