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Choosing the perfect wine for every occasion can be a complicated task. If you want to please your guests, or to guess when giving a bottle, you must take into account both the tastes of those who will drink it, as well as the weather conditions, its flavor and the food with which you will accompany it.

What wine to buy?

When buying wine you must attend to the following aspects:

• Tastes: Red, rosé, fruity, barrel, generous, sparkling ... there is a wide variety of wines, so you must take into account your personal tastes and those of those who will accompany you in the tasting to get it right.

• Climate: The ambient temperature at which you are going to drink your broth is also very important. In general, whites, pink and sparkling marry better with the heat, while for cool environments a bottle of red wine is a great option.

• Pairing: The food with which you accompany the wine is decisive for the flavor that this will have. Sweet wines will go well with salty and sweet foods, red wines are ideal for red meat and whites for vegetables, seafood, sweets and white meats.

• Degree of alcohol: The variety of alcohol gradations is as wide as the number of wines. To choose a suitable one, think if you are going to drink the broth alone or accompanying any food and, in the latter case, keep in mind that wines with more alcohol will be better marketed with fatty foods, while those with less gradation will be those more suitable for light food.

• Capacity: Pay attention to the amount of liquid in the bottle to ensure that you can supply all your guests with it without problems.