Wine Fridges

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A wine fridge - the perfect storage for fine wines

Especially with high-quality, fine wines, the right temperature is crucial, so that all flavors can develop perfectly. A wine cellar is not only the perfect storage place for wines, but it also ensures that the temperature can be precisely adjusted and kept constant. In addition, wine fridges look great and can serve as furniture to present the fine wines duly.

How does a wine fridge work?

A wine fridge keeps the wine throughout in a constant, optimal climate. Such devices are specifically designed for the storage and long-term cooling of wines. Moisture and temperature can be precisely tuned to the age and type of wines and precisely regulated.

How to choose the right wine fridge

- Where can I build the wine fridge? Of course, a wine fridge should not be exposed to solar radiation. In addition, the climate in the room should always be similar and the humidity should be low. A corner in the living room or the basement are thus excellent. - Why are there refrigerators with two temperature zones? For wines, there is an optimal storage and a drinking temperature. These differ. If you want to keep good vintages for a long time, you will need a wine fridge with two temperature zones. - What size should my wine fridge have? All wines should fit in the fridge. Especially cheap wines are often very sensitive and should therefore also be stored cool. In addition, enough space should be left free, should the wine collection increase in the future.