Wing Mirrors & Replacement Parts

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Driving a car without mirrors or damaged mirrors can put road safety at risk. This is why spare parts that are easy to assemble and fastening tools simplify the replacement of the rear-view mirrors by ensuring safe driving.

Rear-view mirrors and side mirrors

The side mirrors for the car can be purchased in models designed and produced for a specific model or even in universal types, also available in different chrome to match or not with the car color. The parts of the side mirrors can also be purchased separately in the event of breakage or even just to personalize your car. For example, caps of different colors from the original ones or mirrors with different characteristics can be installed.

The blind spot mirrors, on the other hand, are small round-shaped mirrors and stickers, which are applied to the side mirrors and provide a view of the blind spot, ie they allow you to see in the corners where the normal side mirror does not arrive.

In addition to the side mirrors, the classic trapezoidal-shaped rear-view mirrors are also commercially available, with supports and attachments ready for replacement. Some mirrors have a suction cup support and are easy to install, they can be fitted in addition to the supplied rear-view mirror for a more complete view. They are useful especially if you have small children in the car because if oriented towards the seat, they allow you to always have the child under control. Alternatively, there are some very technological models of rear-view mirrors: in the shape they recall the classic trapezoidal mirrors, but they are actually screens equipped with Bluetooth or wireless connection and connected to external micro-cameras that are installed on the car body. They offer a 360-degree view compared to normal rear-view mirrors and can even replace the classic mirrors.