Yoghurt Makers

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The trend is increasingly towards making food more self-produced again. Whether this is the preparation of pasta or the cultivation of vegetables and fruits in your own garden, many hobby cooks like to spend a little more time in the kitchen to give their dishes a special touch. The same applies to the production of yoghurt, which is now quite simple with a yoghurt maker.

Yoghurt in a yoghurt maker: That's how it works

The preparation of yoghurt may sound elaborate at first, but with a yoghurt maker, you have your own, creamy yoghurt prepared in no time at all to your taste. Simply place the yoghurt glasses in the yoghurt maker and switch on. Then heat the desired amount of milk to about 42 to 45 degrees Celsius; This is best done on the stove and additionally use a thermometer to control the temperature.

After that, you have to "vaccinate" the heated milk, that is, add it to your cultures. Fill the yoghurt jars with the mixture and leave them in the yoghurt maker for about six to eight hours. Then place in the fridge to cool.

Alternatively, you can mix cold milk with the yoghurt cultures and add to the yoghurt maker for eight to ten hours. The process takes a little longer, because the yoghurt maker has to heat the milk independently.

How to refine your yogurt

The above preparation conjures up for you first of all natural yoghurt, which consists exclusively of natural ingredients. You can then refine it to your whims: as a sweet dessert with fruit, honey and walnuts or as a dip, it is ideal. Just taste it with fresh herbs, garlic and salt and pepper. With crackers or vegetable strips, it is a delicious snack for the movie night or just in between!